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We at innotool & greminger are especially proud of serving the aerospace technology sector. As supplier to RUAG Space, the leading supplier of products for the aerospace industry, innotool & greminger produces high-precision mechanical parts made of aluminium and titanium. These are used in ESA and NASA space missions and are transported into space.

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innotool & greminger produces engine housings and mechanical components for satellites and scientific experiments. In this way, we as a company contribute to the safe supply of power for manned and unmanned space travel.


Every space mission has a clear aim. Accordingly, innotool & greminger also works in a strictly target-oriented manner, aiming to achieve the highest level of quality. In order to achieve this, our company employs cutting edge technology both in production and in the means of production. For instance, we use multi-functional 3D programmes and the latest software and hardware. In addition, innotool & greminger continuously invests in its machine park as well as in training for staff members.

Providing the very best quality is top of our list of priorities at innotool & greminger. So, why not put us at the top of your list?



innotool & greminger finishes aluminium and titanium components for structures, mechanisms, spacecraft, satellites and scientific devices. Furthermore, precise aluminium parts with special coating are produced for the aircraft industry.


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innotool & greminger is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 & 13485:2016 and is additionally working according to DIN EN 9100.

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